VehicleINSPECT is an easy-to-use automated inspection solution for self-service entry and exit points for vehicles and their cargo.


VehicleINSPECT automates vehicle inspection recognising and storing information about a vehicle’s registration plate, type, size, speed, cargo identification number, whether it is oversize, damage and other visual data at entry and/or exit point into a certain area.


VehicleINSPECT is a valuable tool at restricted access areas, like ports, logistic hubs, border crossings and others, as it can be integrated with other systems and databases for more efficient asset management and communication between the authorities.

Advantages of VehicleINSPECT

  • Significantly reduces vehicle and cargo inspection costs
  • Enhances traffic flow, reduces time spent on inspection
  • Carries out vehicle security inspection at entrances to high security areas
  • Provides tangible evidence for insurance claims
  • Can be integrated with different information systems in use

Features of VehicleINSPECT

  • Vehicle registration plate, cargo number, various symbol and damage recognition with imaging technology
  • 3D vehicle scanning for security purposes with laser scanning technology
  • Oversize cargo identification, hatch position recognition using laser technology
  • Empty container status identification
  • Detection of tank truck’s carried liquid level with infrared vision technology
  • Vehicle and cargo type identification using laser technology
  • 24-hour video recording of incoming and outgoing vehicles