TrainINSPECT is a high precision, easy to use automated train and freight inspection system made intelligent with deep learning technology.


TrainINSPECT automates train inspection – it collects and stores freight identification numbers and visual data of the wagon and cargo, adding the advantage of training the system to recognize patterns and deviations from the norm with deep learning algorithms. TrainINSPECT significantly reduces inspection costs and time.


Each solution is customized, TrainINSPECT can be integrated with other systems in use, including KleinTech’s VehicleINSPECT and SAFEArea, for use in ports and logistic hubs.


TrainINSPECT combines proprietary deep learning technology with reliable hardware to deliver an unmatched recognition rate, create added value for the railway management business and increase safety for the railway industry.

Advantages of TrainINSPECT

  • Significantly reduces train and cargo inspection costs and time
  • Able to learn and improve itself
  • Automates reporting and validates the received information
  • Provides evidence for insurance claims
  • Minimal hardware maintenance and easy-to-use system interface

Features of TrainINSPECT

  • Wagon & cargo number, RFID tag, special markings and cargo damages recognition
  • Detection of open wagon cargo state (empty/full/goods missing) and hatch position using deep learning and pattern comparison technology
  • High precision axle number, train speed and direction detection
  • Cargo oversize identification using 3D laser scanner technology
  • Wagon type recognition using deep learning technology
  • Detection of tank wagon hatch position using deep learning and pattern comparison technology
  • Detection of liquid level carried by tank wagon and cargo overheating using infrared camera
  • Pantograph inspection