TrackVIEW is a low-cost, preventive maintenance solution for inspecting the area surrounding the rail track and detecting potential risks to the train’s safety.


TrackVIEW creates a 3D image and 360° view of the environment around the track and uses pattern comparison technology to identify deviations from norm – damaged or lost rail infrastructure objects and objects in the area, which may pose threat to train’s safety.


TrackVIEW creates value for rail infrastructure managers automating rail track preventive maintenance.

* — product in either concept or piloting development stage.

Advantages of TrackVIEW

  • Significantly eases and reduces costs of track preventive maintenance
  • Easily installed on top of a regular train locomotive
  • Identifies potential risks to train’s safety – hazardous trees, embankment slip, sand dunes, among others, using pattern comparison technology
  • Detects exact GPS location of the risk area
  • Carries out tunnel and regular railway infrastructure inspections
  • Sends warnings about detected risks to the maintenance team
  • Integrates with geographic information system and asset inventory management systems

Features of TrackVIEW

  • 3D imaging and 360° view of the track surrounding area using laser scanners and 360 degree camera
  • Exact GPS location detection of the risk area
  • Standard rail infrastructure object recognition
  • Damaged and/or lost rail track infrastructure object detection using pattern comparison technology
  • Detection of potential risks to the train using pattern comparison technology