SAFETrain is the BlackBox for trains - it is a next generation analytics and smart data system, which records the train’s activities providing real-time support to its driver and tracking the train for safety and asset management purposes.


SAFETrain provides intelligent video analysis of the train’s surrounding area and warns the driver of potential risks. It collects and analyses data about location, speed, direction, fuel consumption, oil level, etc. and warns of deviations from the norm.  SAFETrain also provides video and audio recording from the driver’s cabin.


SAFETrain stores all maintenance and on-going system analysis data, interior and exterior camera stream and other data in a cloud based storage in real time and in the actual Black Box, assuring double security.


SAFETrain combines proprietary deep learning technology with reliable hardware to create good value for the railway management business and increase train safety.

* — product in either concept or piloting development stage.

Advantages of SAFETrain

  • Increases train and rail infrastructure safety
  • Enables train fleet management remotely through a centralized management system
  • Provides detailed information about the train’s technical condition and geographic location
  • Assists the train driver while enabling the supervision of his actions

Features of SAFETrain

  • Video recording from multiple cameras installed on the train’s front, sides and rear
  • Video streaming for the driver to support him/her during different manoeuvres
  • Data collection on train’s location, speed, direction, acceleration
  • Data collection from multitude of devices within locomotive – temperature, moisture, flow of liquids, voltage, among others
  • Video and audio recording from the driver’s cabin
  • Identification of unknown people entering locomotive by facial recognition
  • Warning and data transmission to central server in case of emergency
  • Integration with other systems
  • Installed infrared vision, able to detect potential risks 110 m ahead