SAFECity is a solution which makes video surveillance smart by adding deep learning algorithms to it and enabling analytics of the recorded events with the option to send real-time notifications in case of incidents.


SAFECity deep learning algorithms can be added to existing CCTV cameras and can be trained to recognise various incidents. Automated notifications can be sent as a solution in case an incident is detected, for example, to the main screen of the security personnel’s surveillance system or a signal can be sent to the closest policeman in the case of a violation of the law.


SAFECity can be integrated with other external databases of authorities to provide intelligent video surveillance with the option of automated notification.


* — product in either concept or piloting development stage.

Advantages of SAFECity

  • Enables intelligent analytics of video surveillance with automatic notification in case of incidents
  • Follows and searches objects
  • Counts objects
  • Enables search in history

Features of SAFECity

  • Integration with existing CCTV cameras/systems in use
  • Facial recognition and search
  • Various number recognition and search
  • Identification of unattended objects
  • Automated notifications in case of detecting pre-defined events