SAFEArea is an intelligent security solution with deep learning technology, which can detect emergency and/or potential security risks in a specific area.


SAFEArea enables the complete surveillance of a freight wagon, cargo container or other object from entering an enclosed area, like a port or logistic hub, until leaving it. This solution allows the possibility to follow the object everywhere in the closed area and stores all information about any events in which the object would be involved, such as collisions, detour from a designated route, delays in shipping times.


SAFEArea combines intelligent video surveillance with deep learning technology to create an automated inspection solution unmatched in the market for increasing security within a designated area.

* — product in either concept or piloting development stage.

Advantages of SAFEArea

  • Increases safety of the freight wagon and cargo in high risk areas
  • Automates cargo management in a logistic hub by cargo mapping/allocation
  • Provides an extensive archive for events associated with each particular cargo or other defined objects in the area
  • Recognizes numbers, faces, identifies deviations from the norm and/or unattended objects
  • Sends automated notifications to security and/or other teams
  • Can be integrated with existing CCTV cameras/systems in use

Features of SAFEArea

  • Face recognition and search
  • Number recognition and search
  • Identification of deviations from the norm or unattended objects
  • Automated notification to security and/or other services
  • Specific object location determination in the area
  • Identification and archiving of any collision precedents in the controlled territory
  • Cargo mapping/allocation in the area
  • Reuse of existing CCTV infrastructure