RoadINSPECT is an automated inspection solution for data collection from vehicles in motion, creating value for road managing authorities and toll road operators.


RoadINSPECT recognises vehicle registration plate, type, brand and model. The solution provides additional control at specific points and can be integrated with various payment and other systems on toll roads and at customs.


RoadINSPECT can also be used for counting vehicles and other objects on roads for the purpose of traffic flow inspection. For example, RoadINSPECT can count bicycles, cars or pedestrians for city’s infrastructure development purposes.

Advantages of RoadINSPECT

  • Recognizes vehicle registration plate and type while vehicle is in motion
  • Detects objects’ speed and direction
  • Counts objects in motion for traffic flow inspection purposes

Features of RoadINSPECT

  • Vehicle registration plate, type, brand and model recognition
  • Integration with various systems – payment, vehicle registration, police systems
  • Integration with the existing CCTV cameras in use