RailVIEW is a solution for the initial inspection of rail wear and damage to railway sleepers, which significantly reduces costs associated with detailed rail wear inspection.


RailVIEW scans the rail profile to detect general rail wear, level changes and damage to railways sleepers, which could threaten railway safety or performance. With deep learning technology, RailVIEW can detect deviation from the norm and provide information prior to detailed rail wear inspections thereby increasing efficiency.


* — product in either concept or piloting development stage.

Advantages of RailVIEW

  • Significantly eases and reduces the costs of preventive rail maintenance
  • Easily installed on most locomotives
  • Uses unique laser scanners for rail profiling
  • Collects rail profiling and railway sleeper damage data, provides exact location of detected risk area
  • Inspects railway sleepers and their mounts for cracks and defects with a high resolution line scan camera
  • Easily integrated with other maintenance systems

Features of RailVIEW

  • Rail profiling with laser scanners
  • Damage detection with pattern comparison technology identifying deviations from the norm