Solutions for Railways

KleinTech’s self-learning automated inspection solutions for railways examine trains, cargo, tracks and their surrounding area more cheaply, precisely and faster than other similar solutions in the market.


With KleinTech solutions, freight carrier companies, railway asset managers and other companies which deal with railways can significantly reduce costs associated with train and cargo inspection and railway maintenance.


KleinTech has relevant experience providing inspection systems for the railway industry and is not afraid of the challenges created by the strictly-regulated and history-rich industry.

Solutions for Transport

KleinTech’s self-learning automated inspection solutions for the transport industry are the perfect tools for cargo management in ports, logistic hubs and elsewhere.


Solutions complete each other, offering not only cargo and vehicle inspection, but also surveillance in a restricted area and a notification system if something goes where it should not.


With KleinTech solutions freight carriers, cargo and logistic companies, cargo fleet managers and others who deal with transportation can significantly reduce costs associated with vehicle and cargo inspection.

Solutions for Security

KleinTech’s automated inspection solutions with deep learning technology offer a wide range of features for application with security purposes.


With deep learning algorithms, surveillance systems can recognize faces and objects, identify incidents, and above all – notify the security personnel in case of an unwanted or unexpected event. As KleinTech’s solutions are self-learning, they get better over time.


KleinTech’s solutions will be useful for increasing security in restricted areas as well as in the cities.