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Our Projects

KleinTech develops easy-to-use self-learning automated inspection solutions for the transport and security industry

Freight Inspection System for LDZ Cargo

KleinTech developed and installed 4 wayside gates with the TrainINSPECT automated train inspection solution for LDZ Cargo, the largest railway freight carrier in the Baltic countries, with the following features:

  • cargo number reading
  • cargo oversize and damage detection
  • integration with Russian Railway’s Terminal Operating System (TOS)  for document and cargo data comparison
  • bilingual system user interface.


Wayside gates are installed at the key entry points, where most of the transit traffic by rail from Russia and Belarus enters the territory of the European Union amounting to around 50 million tons of freight per year.


The TrainINSPECT solution by KleinTech gathers and processes a huge amount of information when the trains are in motion thereby not impeding the transit traffic.


This particular solution is used for cargo management between the Russian and Latvian freight carrier companies responsible for cargo transportation in the corresponding countries.


Data Collection from Vehicles for a City

At the entry into Jurmala town, Latvia, KleinTech installed various cameras paired with the RoadINSPECT solution algorithms to detect the vehicle type and whether the vehicle owner has obtained a toll permit to enter the town.



  • Vehicle registration plate and type recognition
  • Integration with municipality vehicle registration system and mobile payment system Mobilly to check if toll road permit has been bought.


The project was initiated as new payment options for buying toll permits were introduced and the previous system was not able to detect if the town visitors had bought the permit. The RoadINSPECT solution gathers the data from vehicles in motion thereby not impeding traffic.


Automated Vehicle Inspection for Customs

KleinTech developed and installed the VehicleINSPECT solution for vehicle registration plate recognition at the Red Bridge border checkpoint in Georgia to automate incoming and outgoing vehicle identification and data management with the following features:

  • Vehicle registration plate recognition
  • Detection of arrival time, speed and direction.


This solution is a part of Georgian Customs’ aim to improve border crossing procedures.

Bicycle Traffic Flow Analysis

KleinTech developed and installed the RoadINSPECT solution with a feature to count cyclists in Carnikava town, Latvia. The solution’s algorithm was added to the existing CCTV cameras of the municipality to detect how busy the city’s bicycle routes are and gather information related to a decision on the expansion of the existing bicycle route network.


This RoadINSPECT solution automatically recognizes a bicycle, detects its direction and counts it. It can be configured to count pedestrians, cars and other vehicles as well.