BarrierVIEW is a solution for level crossing inspection, which warns train drivers about an object on the crossing thereby helping to prevent accidents.


BarrierVIEW uses unique laser scanners with high precision even in rough weather conditions. These scanners are able to detect an object on the railroad crossing and the system promptly warns train drivers to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

* — product in either concept or piloting development stage.

Advantages of BarrierVIEW

  • Automates level crossing inspection process
  • Decreases accidents on level crossings
  • Sends timely warning to a train driver if an object is detected on the level crossing
  • Integrates with signalling system
  • Uses unique laser scanners that reduces false positives

Features of BarrierVIEW

  • Level crossing point scanning in all weather conditions
  • Detection of vehicles or other big objects on the railway or close to the barrier prior to a train approaching.